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We are a collaborative effort to revitalize the Northwest Neighborhood through churches, civic groups and nonprofit organizations. Donations are tax deductible.

Executive Summary

The Northwest Community Consortium, Inc. ("NCCI") is a 501 (c)(3) not-for-profit organization with a people, economic and community housing development oriented mission. It is comprised of a group of neighborhood churches, nonprofits and civic organizations with similar goals, visions, and missions to work in collaboration to improve the Northwest neighborhood. Through its affiliate members, NCCI provides educational programs, housing programs, health programs, senior programs, youth programs, homelessness programs and other community services for this community. Each group is a strong partner within the area and feels compelled to offer its strengths to help rebuild this community.

The goal is to work hand-in-hand as stakeholders of the community to battle crime, blight and the difficulty of keeping the streets clean and beautiful.

Mission Statement: To revitalize West Palm Beach's Northwest Community by implementing people oriented programs and services.
Northwest Community Consortium, Inc.

Vision Statement:

Unlocking Potential

NCCI will unlock the potential within the neighborhood to pursue their dreams of becoming a clean, vibrant and key neighborhood through the key areas shown within these tabs.


Attracting quality partner corporations in the community.


Build stronger individuals in the community, starting with the youth of the Northwest Neighborhood and build one family at a time.

Connect & Create Job Opportunities

Connecting our community to the resources needed to bring about a safer community way of living.


Develop a mixed income housing community.


Educating families on how they can drive crime out of the neighborhoods, become homeowners, remain homeowners, youth crime prevention, senior assistance, after-school tutorial programs, parent-child projects, Arts & Culture programs, Community Improvement Projects and economic development initiatives.